Let’s Go Biking

So I had a bike when I lived in Michigan, if fact, that bike is still at my parents house in Michigan. When my mom was driving a bunch of stuff down to me in Florida, I asked her to bring my bike as well. As it turns out, my dad has claimed by bike, despite the fact that it’s a purple and blue girl bike. So last night I finally got a new bike!

Now, when I originally wanted to buy a new bike down here I wanted to get a good bike that I could potentially do races with. Well that all went out the window when this teal and lime green Huffy bike caught my eye. Instead I have a super cute, kick-ass girl bike, complete with basket. I don’t think I’ll be doing any races with this thing…even if it does have seven speeds.

Needless to say, I won’t be entering any races with this bike anytime soon, but I am super excited to use it. I figure I can take it to the nearby shopping center in my neighborhood when I just want to pick up a few items. It’s also another great way for me to get cardio in that’s not running or Zumba. Always good to change up the routine.


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