Plan With Me: March

Where did February go? I can’t believe I’m already planning for March!

This month I wanted to switch it up a bit. For all the years I’ve had my Erin Condren planner, I’ve always used the sections as “morning,” “day,” and “night,” but so many people switch up their headers to make it more function for them. So I was thinking of doing the same thing.  The only problem was, I couldn’t come up with three sections. I figured I had work and personal, but what was the third? I also figured I had the issue of more meetings in a day for work than would fit in the allotted box. So, after all that, I stuck with the standard MDN.

One change I did make for March has to do with the monthly calendar spread. As I mentioned in my February Plan With Me, I was keeping track of the dates of blog posts on a sticky note. Well for March I decided to skip the sticky note, and use the sidebar. It was wasted space,  so now it has a purpose.

The other thing I’ve been doing is keeping track of my workouts with this printable calendar from The Idea Room. I made a slight modification to it by erasing the “30” and “31” from the months that don’t have those days. That way when I look at it, I can see what my month looks like.


February was not the best, but I’m hoping now that I can go to Orange Theory during the day, I’ll be better about that. I also like this calendar, because I always put when I want to work out in, but it doesn’t always happen. This way I have a record of when I truly went to the gym.

Now on to the fun part, my weekly spread. This upcoming week is a mix of the pink from February and the green from March, so I decided to do a sassy pink and green spread with stickers from Oh Hello Stationary Co.

FullSizeRender.jpgSo that’s it for my March Plan With Me. Next month I plan to film another video. After all, that will be about the time to check in on my goals for the year. Happy planning and wish me luck on my goals this month!

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