Run for the Turtles 5K

Yesterday was the Run for the Turtles 5K, on Siesta Key. Between projects at work and commitments in the evening, I had not gone for a run in a really long time, so I figured this race was going to be rough.

I ran it with one of my friends who has much longer legs than me, and despite that fact that she hadn’t run much either, she was still faster. The first half of the race was great. I felt fine and I was comfortable with the pace. As we turned around at the half way mark, everything went to hell. My legs were chaffing, my hair kept flying in my face, the breeze was gone, and I had a hard time pushing myself. I had to take a couple walking breaks just to get myself under control again.

In the end, we finished in just over 35-minutes. I don’t have the exact time because I can’t find the results online, but I looked at the clock as we cross the finish line and it was 35-something. In the end, not bad…especially for running on sand.

This week I’ve decided I need to get back into the groove of things so that 5K races don’t kill me. I plan on going to Orange Theory a couple times this week, and of course, I’ll be teaching Zumba so hopefully I’ll get my cardio back to where it was.

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