Long Time, No Post…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I wrote a post. Where did May go? The worst part is, I had posts planned for the month of May and nothing got posted. So much for that planning goal, right?

Now it’s June and a chance to get back on track with blogging, eating right and working out. Therefore, I’m breaking down my yearly goals into monthly goals to get me back on track…

Fitness: Find a way to workout one day of the week outside of the two days per week I teach Zumba.

  • Fridays at Orange Theory
  • Weekends at CycleBar
  • Morning runs

Eating Right: Start by cooking twice per week and make enough for leftovers.

  • Aim to cook on Tuesdays and weekends
  • Try out slow cooker recipes
  • Portion out leftover to grab and go

Planning: Test out the Bullet Journal planning method.

  • Add food and habit trackers
  • Write down days to post blogs entries
  • Research content once per week – ideally Thursdays

I like to think my yearly goals are pretty specific to begin with, but I think getting this detailed will help even more. By outlining the days of the week I can strive to make these specific point happen, I’ll have an easier time keeping with it. Or that’s the thought at least. We’ll see how the month goes. Wish me luck!



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