September Races

September brought two special races for me: Hockeytown 5K and Disneyland Paris Half Marathon.

The Hockeytown 5K was the first race and it took place in Detroit, MI on September 10, 2016. When I signed up for this race I planned on using it to check my race pacing for the half marathon. However, I did not train so the 5K was the first time I had ran in months. Despite that, I still did pretty well. My race time was 37:13. I would have been a couple minutes better had the finish line not been so congested.

The coolest part of the Hockeytown 5K was that we got to finish at center ice in Joe Louis Arena where the Detroit Red Wings play. Because of that, a lot of people needed to be funneled in to a small space meaning I had a really good pace until the end. The pace was not important to me though. The importance was the memories of Joe Louis Arena and the experience of finishing on the arena floor. I’m so glad I went home and did this race.

One thing that was really interesting was the course had kilometer markers, not mile markers. I didn’t think much of it. I figured whoever put the race on didn’t realize mile markers are still used even though it’s called a 5K. Later on, I figured out it was a Canadian company that put on the race. Hence the kilometers.

14484760_10210897930387987_2481085572175428156_nFunny enough, my second race of the month also had kilometer markers. I ran the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon – 21.1K of Chessy, France. This race reminded me of the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA. The first part of it was in the Disney Parks, and then the course went out to local area. The local area was pretty. More corn fields than I expected to see in France, but still cool. There was also a really lovely lake we ran around.

I did this race with one of my friends and a couple of her friends. We did intervals throughout the run, which I don’t normally do, but I think I’m going to start trying it. For this race we did one minute on, one minute off. I think if I’m going to continue doing this, I’m going to do three minutes on, one minute off. I’m thinking of trying it for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November. We’ll see how training for that goes first.

So far, I’m on the right track for training. I got back from Paris on Monday and went for a 2 mile run on Wednesday. Hopefully that continues and Wine & Dine goes well. Plus, I’ll get my Castle to Chateau medal then. That will be super exciting!

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