Wine & Dine Training: Weeks 1-3

Since returning home from the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, I’ve been working harder at getting out and going for runs. After all, I have four more half marathons coming up between now and April, so I need to get my training in.

The first of those is Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon. This will be the third time I’ve run this race, but I’m not super excited this time around. I’m really disappoint this was moved to a morning race like all the others. Running at night was my absolute favorite part. Although, without the Osborne Family Lights in Hollywood Studios, it probably wouldn’t be as pretty. Never the less, I’m doing the race because I want my Castle to Chateau medal.

My training for Wine & Dine started out well. I went out for my first run the day after I got home from Paris. I think I was still a little jet-lagged, so when I woke up just before 6am, I figured I’d go out for a run. It was a slow run because it was still a bit humid in Florida at the time, but I got 2.5 miles in so it was a good start. A couple days later I went for my second run of the week. Sped up my pace a bit, but only went 1.77 miles. That was fine by me though because at least I was out running.

Also, during that second run I decided to do intervals similar to how I ran the Paris Half. When I did that one with some friends we ran for a minute and walked for a minute. I decided to try running for two minutes and walking for one. I need to get more in tune with the beep of my watch because at times, I didn’t hear it so I didn’t switch.

Week two was similar to week one. By all accounts it was good. The first “run” I went on was not really a run. My dogs were very insistent that I was not leaving the house without them, so I loaded them in to the dog stroller and took them with me. I can’t really run with the stroller and my Nike+ app was on the fritz so after attempting to run for 15 minutes or so, I decided just to walk and push them along. The second run was truly a run. I even got my pace down to what I consider normal for me; just above 11-minutes per mile. That made me feel better after the first run earlier that week. I got a third run in too and kept my pace pretty consistent with the second run that week. Part of that may have been that I needed to pick my mom up at the airport and only had a limited amount of time to run. That’s the only nighttime run I’ve done in my neighborhood, and I will say, it was kind of creepy running at 9 o’clock at night. I think I’ll stick to 6am. But when my mom was getting in at 11pm and I needed a pick-me-up to stay awake, a run seemed like the way to go.

Last week, week 3, was a bust. There was no running what so ever. There was one morning I woke up with time for a run, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t let that defeat me and as we’re currently in week 4, I got another run in. Gotta keep it up for the next two weeks!

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