2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon

photopass_visiting_wdwrundisney_7852321204Another half marathon in the books!

Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon has always been my favorite. I used to love running at night through the parks and the beautiful Christmas lights. It was awesome. And now, I hate to say it, but this new course and set up made me really dislike it.

I can handle doing a 5:30am race as the other runDisney races are, but the new course really sucked. Before we ran through three parks: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. And to get to Epcot from Hollywood Studios, we ran along the Boardwalk. It was all really pretty. The new course was not.

We started just outside ESPN Wide World of Sports and ran to Animal Kingdom. All of that was fine. Running through Animal Kingdom was great too, but then from about mile 5 to about mile 12, it was all really boring roadways. That made the race really hard.

The first 5K I was feeling good and happy with my pace. From the 5K to the 10K, I found it getting a little harder so I took the opportunity to stop for a picture with Meeko. That helped because I stretched out my muscles a bit and felt I could keep going. However, from 10K to 15K it became increasingly hard because of the boring race course.


Around 11.5 miles my Nike SportWatch died, so then I drove myself crazy trying to figure out how far I was to the finish and what my pace was. It was not fun. However, I finished the race in 2:53:25, which is pretty much in line with what I wanted to do. Knowing I hadn’t trained, I wanted to finish in under 3-hours. I was able to do that and still stop for character photos, which is the best part of the runDisney races.

Now it’s time to start training for the Star Wars Half Marathon in January. My the course be with me.


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