Star Wars – Light Side Training: Weeks 1-4

Following the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I immediately began training for the Star Wars Half Marathon: The Light Side, taking place in January. I decided to try out the “Coach” feature on the Nike+ Running app. However, the date I set in the program was actually the Music Half Marathon in February because that’s the one I’m hoping to improve my time on. Star Wars is another Disney one, so that means too many character stops and pictures.

So the first week of training called for three runs. A quick 12-minute kick off run, a benchmark run and a long run. I only did the kick off run…

Week two was a little better. The program still called for three runs, and I got in two of the three. However, the speed workout was apparently too tricky for me. I needed to run 400 meters four times with a 2-minute break in between them. I figured the app would tell me to rest for two minutes following the first 400 meters. It didn’t so I tried to keep track of the two minutes and the what the next 400 meters would be, but it was too much math. At one point I accidentally hit the pause button and saw that’s how to keep track of the meters and rest time. Whoops! Lesson learned for future speed runs.

The third week was a bust. It only called for two runs, but it was the week of a friend’s wedding that I was in, and I found no time to run. I even brought my running gear to Detroit to try and fit one in, but no such luck.

Last week I knew I needed to get back in the swing of things, but it was hard. Again, I had three runs to complete and only completed two of them: the benchmark run and the long run. The benchmark run is used to check progress and give an average pace to aim for on future training runs. That run was great. Although, the weather was so warm and steamy on Sunday for my long run, I could not achieve that pace set by the benchmark. It was much too hot and sunny for my liking. Guess I need to stick to 6am runs.


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