Star Wars – Light Side Training: Weeks 5-8

Oof, these past few weeks have not been the best. Week 5 was alright. I was pretty consistent with getting a couple of runs in like I had been during week 1-4. I got the recovery run and the speed run in. This time I did the speed run correct by pausing after the 200 meter sprints.

After week five I just seemed to quit completely. I was getting ready for holiday parties and one of my dogs was really sick which resulted in a couple visits to the vet per week, so I guess I pushed running to the side.

I didn’t get another run in until week eight. That run happened because I went to OrangeTheory. I counted it as my benchmark run even though it didn’t totally follow the pattern. And as a benchmark, my speed has slowed to 12:30 per mile. Not ideal, but I take it with my lack of running.

Less than two weeks to race day. Wish me luck!


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  1. Michael says:

    Most training for even athletes slows that time of year. I wouldn’t get mad! The fact that you still made it to Orange Theory is great. There you still worked your energy systems for cardio.

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