Star Wars: The Light Side – Half Marathon Recap

On January 15, 2017 I ran my first half marathon of the year. It’s taken me some time to post about it because I came back for Disneyland and hit the ground running with a lot of stuff at work. A lot of things I had planned went to the wayside, but now I’m finally ready to share my experience.

First off, I love Disneyland races for the sheer factor that I don’t have to get up super early and get on a bus to get to the corrals like I do with DisneyWorld races. Being able to roll out of bed 30 minutes prior is the best. Plus, I try to keep myself of east coast time so when I wake up at 4:30am, it really feels like 7:30am.

Aside from the convenience factor, this race was good. While I did more training for this race than Disneyland Paris or Wine and Dine, I did not train as much as when I first started running half marathons. I went in with a goal of finishing in under 3 hours. I’m happy to report, that happened.

My corral started around 6am, which was about what I expected. The first mile was slower than I planned on because it took awhile for the course to open up. It was hard to get around people. In turn, my 5K split was a bit slower than I expected, but not too far off from the past so that was good.

photopass_visiting_rundisney_396263170233Right after the 5K split, I came across BB-8, who is pretty much my favorite. Yes, I even own the Sphero of the drone. So of course, I had to stop for a picture. The line was a bit longer than what I would normally stop for, but he was the only character photo I took, so I figured I could afford the time.

Clearly I spent a lot of time in line because my 10K split was not good and my “pace” had increased by two minutes per mile. Even though in my head I knew it was because of the photo stop, I still wasn’t happy about it. That must have been enough to fuel me because my 15K split was awesome with an average pace of 11:26 per mile. I slowed to a 12:37 average pace by the time I crossed the finish line but I was so happy with how it turned out. My finishing time was 2:45:20, which is eight minutes faster than my Wine and Dine Half Marathon time.

Overall, it was a good race. And this weekend, I’m on to the next one. Hopefully I’ll write my post race summary sooner with it than I did with this one.

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