Doggie Bones 5K-ish

This past Sunday I ran the Doggie Bones 5K for Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, or should I say 5K-ish. That was the joke going around before the start of the race. They told us the courses were 5K-ish and 10K-ish. Well “ish” meant almost four miles. According to my Nike+ tracker the race was 3.79 miles compared to a true 5K of 3.1 miles.

For this race I planned on taking it slow. I had to teach Zumba afterwards so I didn’t want my legs to be too tired. I just wanted to do this race to support the shelter I got my dogs from. I had to suppress my competitive side.

Turns out, even though I wasn’t running at a typical race pace, I still placed in my age division. Thanks to only five people “my age” running, I ended up with a third place medal! That’s when the competitive nature of my brain kicked in and I thought to myself, if I had run this at a normal race pace for me, I could have won! I’m still pretty excited about placing third though. This is the second time I’ve placed third in my age group with this race. Must be my lucky one!


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