Race Day Checklist

The past half marathons I’ve ran I’ve forgotten something important for my race, so I figured with the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend a week away, I’d post the top five items needed for race day.

  1. Charged GPS Watch: Yes, it sounds obvious, but I have forgotten it on more than one occasion and have resorted to using my phone, which really drains the battery. My watch of choice is the Nike+ SportWatch. It’s a simple watch and that’s all I need. Now I just need to remember it.
  2. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket: Race mornings can be chilly and these mylar blankets really do the trick. They’re also great to keep muscles warm before the race starts.
  3. Body Glide: I cannot run a race without Body Glide. Otherwise, I end up with some random chafing. I was lucky enough to get samples of Body Glide Sun and Body Glide Relief to try. I love the Body Glide Sun for my arms when I wear short sleeve shirts. The seams always rub against my arm and knowing there’s SPF 30 covering my arm is an added bonus. Body Guide Relief is great for back-to-back races like I’ll be running in Disney. It provides relief for sore muscles and joint pain caused by over-exertion. And of course, there’s always the traditional Body Glide to prevent chafing.
  4. Gatorade Chews or Sport Beans: When running long distances, I always need something to give me that extra kick after mile ten. Gatorade Energy Chews or Sport Beans are my go to because they’re easy to keep with me on the run and they’re pretty tasty.
  5. Compression Calf Sleeves: For me, compression sleeves are used post race. Some runners like to wear them while they run, but I like them afterwards. It’s just good to keep the blood circulating after I’ve finished running to keep from cramping or getting stiff.

Obviously there are other items needed for race day like shoes, shorts, sports bras, etc., but most people don’t forget to pack those since they’re essential.

What items are on your race day checklist?


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