2017 Fitness Accomplishments


This year has been a bit lacking in how much activity I’ve done, but there were still some great moments this year.

1. The Dark Side Challenge + the 5K: This year I did my biggest endurance challenge to date. I ran the Dark Side Challenge and 5K during the Star Wars race weekend at Walt Disney World. This meant over Friday, Saturday and Sunday I ran races each morning. Surprisingly, it went better than I expected. For once I was good about pacing myself and made it through all three days with minimal muscle soreness. Honestly, the hardest part for me was getting up insanely early every morning. All in all, I’m glad I did it and I’m super proud of myself for completing this challenge.

2. 2700+ Miles: My mom and I entered the 2,017 in 2017 challenge. This meant between the two of us we needed to accomplish 2,017 miles by the end of the year. I’m happy to report we did so and more. We ended up with just over 2,700 miles and about 1,280 of those were my miles.

3. Kessel Run: Staying with the theme of the Dark Side Challenge, I also ran the Star Wars – Light Side Half Marathon in Disneyland. By doing both the Dark Side and Light Side half marathons in the two Disney Parks, I accomplished the Kessel Run Challenge and received an extra medal at the finish line for doing both these races. I’m really glad I did the races this year since Disneyland will not have any races for the foreseeable future.

4. Sunday Morning Zumba: This year I taught a regularly scheduled Zumba class every Sunday morning. I had hesitated to take over the class because I really enjoyed the flexibility of subbing and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend one of my weekend days working. Over the year I’ve really come to love teaching my Sunday morning class and look forward to continuing it in 2018.

5. Doggie Bones 5K: This is an annual race I do to support the shelter I adopted my dogs from. It’s a small race but has always been good to me as I’ve walked away from it with a medal every year. I’m proud to say that I placed 3rd in my age group. It was a Sunday morning and I had to teach Zumba so I took the race slow, so I was very surprised when I place. Of course, it only made me wish I had run at a standard race pace for me because then I would have placed higher, but I won’t stick my nose up at third. It was certainly an unexpected accomplishment.

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