March Calendar & February Recap

Who said resolutions had to start in January? I think mine is starting in March this year!

It’s been a crazy couple of months to kick off 2018. Normally my travel for work calms down a bit at the beginning of the year, but this time, that hasn’t been the case and it has impacted my workout schedule.

Here is my February recap. The days with the workout listed in a different color and font are the days I actually accomplished a workout.

As you can see, I only accomplished five of the workouts I set out to do. Not what I was hoping for. The one silver lining was I accomplished a workout while I was traveling. I always say I’m going to do that; I always bring my workout gear; and I always skip it. This time I was in New York City for a week and was determined to not let myself slack. The fitness center at the hotel was small, but I was able to get a quick run in on the treadmill and then do some work on the weights. It was clear I have not lifted in a while because my muscles were feeling it the next day.

It’s now the month of March and I’m hoping to turn things around and get back on track. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that revealed I have gained a little bit of weight. While I’d like to pretend it’s muscle, I know it’s not so I’m using that as the push to get me on track this month. Here’s my plan for the month, starting with a cycling workout today!


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