WDW Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

I’ve made it through the first two weeks of my training program for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Last week I recaped my first run, but here’s how the rest of my training has gone to this point.

The second run of week one was a bit harder than the first. The humidity was at 98% and that extra 3% from Tuesday really impacted it. My average pace was almost a minute slower and I was drenched in sweat. I also didn’t have the most restful night of sleep leading in to the run, so I’m sure that didn’t help either. In the end, I ended up running 2.32 miles in 30 minutes. This lead me in to my first distance run of the training program.

The first distance run was a short three miles. It was not my best three mile run because it was hot. The humidity wasn’t as bad as earlier in the week; it had dropped to 92%, but I ran later in the morning so the sun was up. That made it feel a lot hotter. However, I did get my average pace down from the second run of the week. That run I averaged a 12:56 pace and this time around I averaged a 12:40 pace. Still not as great as that first run, but I was happy with it and it made me feel better going in to this second week of training.

I had to alter my running schedule a bit this week since I had some commitments at work that impacted my normal scheduled. Typically I run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when I’m training for a race, but this week I needed to be at work at 8am on Thursday, so I didn’t want to get up even earlier to fit a run in. On top of that, red tide has returned to the Sarasota coast and the air quality in my neighborhood has been terrible. When I woke up on Tuesday morning to run, there was still some gross, fishy smell in the air, so I opted for a workout on my indoor, stationary bike instead.

I got my first run of the week in on Wednesday night. I set off at about sunset so I wouldn’t have as much sun beating down on me. It was still warm, but the humidity was much lower than my runs the week before. In the 30 minute timespan I ran 2.42 miles at a 12:21 average pace. I also focused a bit more on distance intervals with this training run compared to others. It wasn’t true interval training because the timing was not the same each time, but I tried to run at a consistent pace for a longer period of time and then gave myself two minutes of rest. I think it paid off in the end.

On Friday I managed to sneak a workout in while traveling. I hopped on the treadmill at the hotel gym and decided to do my distance run that was scheduled for Saturday knowing I wouldn’t have time on Saturday to get 4 miles in. Turns out I didn’t really have time for 4 miles on Friday either. I got a later start to my morning, but still managed to get 3 miles in. Since it was a distance run and I was on a treadmill, I could control my pace more. For each mile I walked the first quarter mile, jogged the next half mile, and ran all out for the final quarter mile. It resulted in a slower pace, but I didn’t feel as exhausted at the end and I actually burned more calories than my 3 mile run the week before.

This morning when I woke up the temperature wasn’t too high and the humidity wasn’t unbearable so I decided to get another 30 minute run in. I figured this could make up for the run I didn’t do on Tuesday, even though I hit the bike. My pace was pretty similar to the past runs. I had a 12:30 average pace, completing 2.4 miles.

Training is off to a good start!

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