WDW Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Recap

Another week has come and gone, and despite some challenges, I got through my training program.

My first run was on Tuesday. I did not get up in the morning to go for a run, which I normally do so I had to force myself to go to the gym after work. It was a struggle. All I wanted to do was go home and park my butt on the couch, but I forced myself to go to the gym and get on the treadmill.

This run was frustrating. I updated my Apple Watch and the update has apparently messed with the indoor run tracking. According to my Apple Watch I ran 2.2 miles in 30 minutes. According to the treadmill, I ran 2.39 miles in 30 minutes. My Apple Watch also claimed my first mile was at a 15 minute pace. Based on all my past runs, I would say the treadmill was more accurate.

My second run of the week was just shy of 30 minutes and I went 2.28 miles at a 12:49 pace. This time I ran outside and that distance was aligned with what I’ve been running lately, so again, I feel like the update on the Apple Watch has screwed with the indoor run tracking.

This morning I had to go for a four mile run to make up for last week when I was supposed to run that distance. I explored some new areas of my neighborhood I haven’t run through before to help get the distance. Overall, it was a good run. I ran at a 12:28 average pace. I tried to run for longer periods of time and take short walking breaks when I needed to. Obviously that method worked well because I got my pace down a bit. I’m hoping that once the weather cools off a bit, I’ll get my pace down even more.

In addition to getting my runs in this week, I also went to yoga. I used to be really good about running and stretching, so I decide I needed to get back in to that. My goal is to go to yoga at least once per week to make sure I’m keeping myself stretched out.

On to the next week!

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