5 Ways to Stick to a Workout Plan

We’ve all been there. We find a new workout to try, we do it for a bit, and then we drift in to our old habits. A few months back I wrote about how difficult it was for me to stick with a routine. Over the past few months I’ve been extremely good about staying with my workout plan (thanks Apple Watch), so I wanted to share five ways you can stick to your workout plan too.

1. Do Workouts You Enjoy
Let’s get straight to the point, if you’re doing a workout you hate, you’re not going to stick with it. Find a few types of workouts you enjoy and figure out how to schedule them in to your daily or weekly routines. There are a lot of workouts I find fun. Running, for example, is one of those. There are tons of people that hate running and shouldn’t include that in their workout plan. Find those classes or programs that make you excited; you’re more likely to stick with it.

2. Set Small, Daily Goals.
Have I mentioned how much I love my Apple Watch? Part of that reason is because it gives me a daily goal to achieve. Now, you don’t need to spend $300+ on a watch to set daily goals. Find a way that works for you. It could be a goal of walking 10,000 steps per day, it could be raising your heart rate above 140 bpm per day, or it could be sticking with 1,500 calories per day. Whatever works for you, set a daily goal to work toward. When broken in to smaller, attainable pieces, you have a better chance of succeeding.

3. Workout with a Friend or Support System
I never thought I was the type of person that wanted to workout with someone. Sure, I would workout with my teammates at the ice rink or with my friends in gym class, but I never went out of my way to workout with someone. I found recently that I enjoy having a community within the fitness world. There are plenty of students I had in my Zumba classes that I love hanging out with when I attend classes. I also have a friend that I share Apple Watch data with so we can cheer each other on to reach our goals. Finding people that have similar goals and share a dedication to fitness will help you stick with it when you’re starting to feel like you can’t go on.

4. Celebrate your Wins
Big or small, celebrate when you achieve a goal. It would be one of those small, daily goals or it could be a major milestone in your fitness journey. Sometimes if I’m craving a certain type of food, I’ll tell myself if I run a certain amount of miles or do a certain amount of workouts in a week, I can celebrate with that cuisine. Much like if the goal is big or small, the reward can be that way too. Maybe you reward yourself with a relaxing afternoon reading a book. Or maybe you reward yourself with a new outfit. Whatever you see fit to keep you motivated.

5. Remember to Rest 
While everyone sets out to build their fitness plan and do various workouts, the only way you’ll really stick with it is if you give yourself a break. For example, I avoid working out more than three days in a row. This way I know my body gets some rest and relaxation. I have a friend that prefers to workout Monday-Friday and rest on the weekend. Find what works for you and your schedule. Make sure you get those rest days so you can be motivated the rest of the week to get those workouts in.

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