WDW Half Training: Week 4

Coming off of week three, I was still feeling motivated. I kicked off week four with a Monday morning run, which is super rare for me. It is extremely hard for me to get up before 7am on a Monday, but based on my schedule for the week, a Monday run made the most sense so I went for it. In my 30 minute run, I went 2.38 miles at a 12:35 pace. Again, very consistent with what I’ve been doing lately.

IMG_230CDB25A64E-1The only issue I came across on that first run was a bit of knee pain. I haven’t had any issues with my other runs, so this was a surprise to me. I went to yoga on Wednesday to help stretch out and I switched my shoes for my second run of the week on Thursday to see if that would help as well.

Those changes did not seem to help. In fact, changing my shoes may have made things worse. My knee still hurt, and then I added some foot pain on my right foot and some ankle pain on my left foot. I ended up taking more walking breaks than I would have liked, which resulted in a slower pace than I would have liked. Because of my slower pace, at the end of 30 minutes I was not as close to my house as I would have liked, so I continued to push through for another couple of minutes. In the end, I ran 2.46 miles at a 13:11 average pace. It was not as terrible as I thought or felt during the run, but since it was nice and cool out that morning, I was hoping to run at a faster pace.

Today was my final training run of the week; five miles. I took an approach that was similar to what I did on my distance run in week two. For the first mile I walked .25 mile, jogged the next .5 mile, and ran the final .25 mile. That didn’t feel the greatest to me, so for the next three miles I did intervals of walking .2 mile followed by running .3 mile. That method felt better. For the final mile of the run, I repeated my strategy from the first mile. It still didn’t feel great.

The difference from this run to that week two run where I did that .25-.50-.25 method was that I ran outside. The week two run I was on a treadmill so I could control my pacing. Since I was running outside, I would naturally speed up or slow down without really realizing it. In the end it, was a good run at a 12:41 average pace.

I can also say, I’m pretty excited for next week’s distance run because it’s a little bit of a break; back to three miles!

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