WDW Half Marathon Training: Week 7 Recap

This week was about getting back on track after last week didn’t go so well. I started off the week with a yoga class that included a lot of hip opener stretches, which were painful bliss and needed. I’m not sure how opened they remained though because Tuesday I went out for me first run of the week.

I started with a 30 minute run that took me 2.55 miles for an 11:45 average. It’s obviously that the weather has gotten cooler in Florida because I’m back to what I consider my “normal” pace.

My second run of the week was on Thursday and it was pretty similar to Tuesday’s run. Another 30 minute run with a distance of 2.6 miles and an average pace of 11:43. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with how this week was going.

This morning was my distance run. The plan was to run 6.5 miles since that was the scheduled distance for last week. Well, I didn’t get up and out as early as I planned. I had a couple appointments today, so I had to be back home by 9am. I had planned to start my run at 7:30am, but it was closer to 7:45am. I decided I would run as far as I could within the that timespan. I ended up running 5.67 miles, which is my longest run of the training program.

The first couple miles started off well. The second mile was even my fastest. However, after the second mile, my legs started to feel fatigued. I’m going to assume that’s because I slacked on the running last week. Also around this time, the sun was beating down causing me to take more walking breaks. From the fourth mile on, I struggled. In the end, I was surprised that my average pace ended up being 12:25 per mile.

I may not have done the full run I was expecting, but at least I got out there and did it. Moving on to next week!

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