WDW Half Marathon Training: Weeks 8 & 9

These past two weeks have flown by, but they were not the best for running due to my travel schedule. During week seven I got two runs in on Tuesday and Wednesday before I left for Las Vegas. Tuesday I ran 2.36 miles at a 12:36 average pace. On Wednesday I ran 2.18 miles at a 12:24 average pace.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 5.20.04 PMOnce I got to Vegas, I managed to get one run in. It was not a distance run like schedule for Saturday, but I managed to fit a 30-minute run in on the treadmill at the hotel gym. During week three of training, I mentioned the issue of the Apple Watch and the indoor run tracking. Knowing this, I went in to the run thinking I’d be frustrated with the results. I did notice some inconsistencies still with the treadmill run track, but I noticed if I ran between a 4.8-5.4  mph pace, the watch and the treadmill matched up. Knowing that, I adjusted my run and my pacing so the tracking would be accurate. It turned out to be a good thing because my run was 2.45 miles at a 12:14 average pace. I’m was super surprised and happy about that.

Once I left Vegas, I ventured to Everett, WA  for work. I planned on getting two more runs in. I only managed to fit one in, but I was happy that I got that and that it wasn’t a week without training.

My one run for week eight came on Tuesday. I did a 28-minute run on the treadmill. Keeping in mind the pacing from the last run, I tried to stick to a 4.8-5.4 mph pace. I ended up running 2.2 miles with a 12:43 pace.

This morning I had consider going for another run to get the distance run in there. However, I was a bit jet-lagged and could not get myself up or motivated to run. I did perk up this afternoon and got on thee bike for a 20-minute ride, so at least it was some cardio.

This week I head to San Francisco for work, so I know that means I need to be diligent about getting my workouts in this week. Wish me luck!

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