WDW Half Marathon Training: Weeks 10 & 11

November has not been a good month. I underestimated how jet-lagged I would be traveling back and forth to the West Coast. Surprisingly, the workouts I have been getting in are while I’m on the road instead of at home.

During week 10 of training, I got one run in on Friday. I had ever intention of going for a run earlier in the week on Tuesday, but I couldn’t get my sleeping schedule back to normal, so getting up at 6am for a run was not in the cards.

My Friday run was while I was traveling and I used the hotel gym. It was a quick 20-minute run because that was all the time I had available before I needed to start my work day. In that shorter timeframe, I ran 1.56 miles at a 12:50 average pace. I blame some of this on my lack of running and some of this on the air quality in San Francisco. Even though I was running inside, the air quality had been so bad while I was there I could feel it in my lungs. Nevertheless, I managed to get a run in. That’s more than I can say for this week.

Week 11 has not been great. I have not gotten a single run in. I worked from home on Monday after returning from San Francisco, so I figured I would get a run in then. However, the maintenance people I had coming to work on my house did not show up during their allotted time, so that messed up my day. Not to mention, I was still pretty tired, so I doubt it would have been a successful run if I had gone.

On Wednesday I got a workout in because I subbed Zumba at the gym. It had clearly been a long time since I taught because it was really hard and my body was so sore the next day. At least I got a nice, sweaty cardio workout in. The rest of the week did not go that way.

I was planning to run Thanksgiving morning, but for once, I slept in and that did not allow for a run. Thursday night, I slept weird and my neck was in so much pain I couldn’t even consider a run. That carried over to the next today. Today I’m feeling a bit better, but holding off on a run today to not stress the muscles again.

Tomorrow, a new week starts and it’s a new chance to get back on track.

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