Feel Full for Hours

One of the reasons people struggle to lose weight is because they feel hungry at all hours of the day. A simple solution for that is to fill up at a meal so you don’t feel hungry an hour or so later. The process needs to be done carefully though. You don’t want to fill up on junk as that won’t help with weight loss.

Fitness coach Marci Nevin helps by sharing ways to fuel up and feel full for hours with healthy foods.

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How many times has this happened to you? You eat a meal, only to feel hungry again soon after. Next thing you know your scouring scouring n the refrigerator or cabinets for anything you can get your hands on. # Between meal hunger is not only uncomfortable, but it can make you irritable, less focused, and more difficult to resist cravings. # While other factors like stress, lack of sleep, and simply eating far less than what your body needs can make you feel hungrier than normal, these tips focus more on the composition of your meals. # What you eat at one meal directly impacts what and how much you eat at the next, so it’s helpful to keep hunger to a minimum if you want to stay on track. Here’s what you can do to ensure you feel full after eating and stay for for a good 4 hours or so. # Protein is the main hunger suppressing macro. It helps you feel full after eating and stabilizes your blood sugar so you won’t feel that crash that can happen when you eat a meal of mostly carbs. I recommend getting at least 30 grams of protein at your main meals for to keep hunger at bay between meals. # Similar to protein, filling up on fiber, especially from low calorie veggies and some fruits, is the key to feeling full. And combing protein and fiber is even better. Fill your plate with a few cups of fibrous veggies alongside your serving of protein. Plus protein and fiber digests slowly, so you will be getting a steady release of nutrients. # Including some dense, slow digesting carbs with your meals can be way more satisfying than having a meal of only protein and veggies. Carbs like potatoes, squash, or beans fit the bill well here. # While protein and fiber help fill you up in the short term, adding some fat (15 grams or so) will help KEEP you full for longer. Adding some avocado, olive oil, or a handful of nuts can help stretch out how long you feel full for. # We often mistake thirst for hunger, so drink plenty of zero cal liquids in between meals to stay hydrated. # Our body gets used to our meal times. If you’re constantly grazing, your body will set you up to experience hunger at those times. Try to limit your snaking, and instead stick to 3 larger meals.

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