Review: Noom


I never thought I would be the person to pay to diet. I knew people that did Weight Watchers (or the more trendy WW now), Jenny Craig, etc. but I knew enough of how I should eat and how to exercise, I never thought I’d need the assistance.

Over the past year my weight has fluctuated a lot and I hit my highest weight ever. Granted, it was not an insane amount of weight gain, but it was higher than where I wanted to be and I could notice it in my clothes.

A friend of mine had started Noom, and I had been service many ads for it over social media. She was enjoying her experience so I decided, what the hell, I’d try it too.

I’m eight weeks into the 16 week plan, and I can absolutely say that I love this program and I’m seeing results.

Every day starts with a lesson in health and wellness. I will be honest, some of these lessons are things I already know of years of being in the health industry, so it can be a bit tedious and repetitive, but it’s still good information.

In addition to the lessons, upon signing up I was given a Goal Specialist to help guide me through this journey. My Goal Special, Mike, checks in with me once or twice a week to help determine my goal for the week and how things have been coming a long. I read plenty of reviews before joining Noom, where people were concerned that they Goal Specialist was just a bot spitting out computer generated responses, but I haven’t felt that way. I’m pretty sure Mike is a real person based on the interactions we’ve had. For example, during this journey I had a business trip to India. I expressed my concern to Mike about staying healthy on the road and keeping up with the progress I made. He sent me some articles with tips and tricks to stay fit while traveling, shared what kind of food I could expect to eat, and other nice insights. Upon returning from my business trip, he checked in and asked about the trip and checking in on how I felt about it. The responses didn’t seem computer generated one bit. He’s also checked in on how my progress has been going with things like fitness and new classes I’ve tried.

It’s important to note your Goal Specialist may not respond instantly. Some people have complained about this in their reviews. Personally, I’m not looking for someone to hold my hand every step of the way, just someone to be able to check in with, so if Mike doesn’t respond for a day, I’m OK with that. Not everyone is, and I was slightly frustrated at first. Now I’m used to the ebb and flow of our communication style and we check in every few days.

The Goal Specialist isn’t the only (non-computer generated) person guiding one through this journey. After the first two weeks of the program, I was placed into a support group with others that started around the same time I did. The group is lead by a group coach; mine is named Allison and she’s great! Every day she posts a thought-starter for the group to respond to. It may be about sharing our learnings, what our goals may be, new recipes to try, etc. I’m sure each group is structured differently since Allison asked us for feedback on what we wanted to get from the group experience. She’s taken that feedback and used it for some of the daily prompts and discussions we have. It’s been beneficial since it gets people talking and participating since the topics are what we’re interested in.

The members of the group can also post discussion topics to keep everyone involved. For example, one of the members of my group started a chain about accountability and people paired up with others in the group to make sure everyone remained accountable for their goals. I also started a thread about travel. Again, when I was going to India, I was looking for tips and tricks to keep up with the program and wanted to hear others’ experiences.

Noom also offers a calorie tracking systems. Again, when I was reading reviews before signing up many people felt the calorie tracking system was pointless to pay for as many free apps offer a similar service. I agree that there are plenty of apps and programs that provide calorie trackers and I’ve used them. What makes Noom’s different from the others I’ve tried is the color system. And the color system is my favorite thing about the app. Noom has taken foods and divided them into: green, yellow and red.

Every day a calorie goal is given and limits set for the yellow and red categories. Now, you may be thinking green = good foods and red = bad foods, but that’s not entirely true. The way the system is set up is that foods that will keep you full and a low in calories are green, while foods that are higher in calories that may not fill you up are red. Here are some examples: apples to be expected are a green food. They’re healthy and one apple is only 90 calories. Avocados on the other hand are a yellow food. They are still something healthy and encouraged to eat, but they have a bit more calories and some addition fat content that may not fill you up. And a surprising item in the red food are dried fruits. I love things like banana chips and those happen to be a red food. Not because they’re unhealthy, but because they’re added calories that won’t really fill you up. Of course, items like cake, brownies, etc. will always be found in the red food category, it’s interesting to take the approach of feeling full vs. just focusing on counting calories. A surprising yellow food for me was Halo Top ice cream. Most ice cream is considered a red food, but low-cal, protein filled Halo Top is a yellow food. Whenever I need a sweet treat, that’s where I focus my attention now.

What makes this system so great is it has caused me to be mindful of how I eat. Some days I would make a batch of cookies for dinner and not care because I could afford those calories. Now, I have a single cookie or reach for something sweet like strawberries.

I have also been better about meal prepping. I think about what I want to eat for the week and I research the calorie count and how the food stacks up in the color system.

Over these eight weeks, I have been really happy with the program and best of all, I’ve dropped eight pounds! My weight has certainly fluctuated during the weeks, but that’s OK. I came break from India with only a couple pounds added back to the scale, which is much better than any other trip I’ve taken and since returning from India, I’ve gotten back to a place where I see weight loss again. The program has also made me mindful that when I go out to dinner to a restaurant to eat that it’s OK if my weight goes up a pound or two because the next day when I’m back on my meal prep, I’ll see the decrease again. Or I’ll know to stop eating when I get full and take the rest home or skip dessert. Mindfulness of my eating style has been the biggest takeaway from the journey. I can’t wait to see what the remaining eight weeks hold.

If you’re ready to be a Noom’er too and join the journey, sign up with my referral link and get 20% off the cost and 14-day free! Keep in mind you MUST cancel before the 14-days are up if you want to avoid being charged. You will not receive a support group if you only do the 14-day trail. Groups start on day 15. Also keep in mind you will need to cancel through your Goal Specialist before the 16-weeks are up if you don’t plan to renew. Another thing I learned from reading reviews before joining the program is they are quick to charge your charge at the end of each segment.

Disclaimer: This review is completely my own opinion. I was not contacted by Noom. I may receive compensation through referral links. All thoughts are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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