Review: iLoveKickboxing

Let me start out by saying, I’m a sucker for the ads serviced to me on Instagram. I click on them all the time, so when I saw a deal for three kickboxing classes for $9.99 AND a free pair of gloves, I had to click on it and sign up.

iLoveKickboxing is a national franchised kickboxing gym, and I was able to try out the location in Sarasota, FL. I had never taking a kickboxing class before, but was eager to try it out.

The first session I attended was specifically designed for first timers. The trainers walked us through how the class is set up. Each class starts with a warm up (the hardest part of the class, I might add), followed by stretching, bag-work, partner work, and more stretching.

The bag work was tons of fun! It would have to be my favorite part of the class. We learned to jab, punch, and kick. The combinations are really fun are are challenging for both the mental and physical side of the body.

I really enjoyed my three trial classes, but I did not commit to a membership there. Let me be clear, I loved the workout and I would totally enjoy going, but the cost was out of my price range. It’s roughly $145 per month for unlimited classes when committing for the year. Since I teach at Crunch and can workout at the gym anytime I want, I could only see myself going to the kickboxing class once, maybe twice, per week. I would not go enough to make the price tag worth it.

It’s disappointing that the cost is so high because the workout is great and I’d love to continue going, but it’s not in the cards for me that this point. At least I have my gloves if I ever find another class or just bags to workout on.

If you’re interested in trying iLoveKickboxing, be sure to check out their website and look for banner ads on social. They’re always running a promotion.

Disclaimer: This review is completely my own opinion. I was not contacted by iLoveKickingboxing and I am not receiving compensation for this post. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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