Guest Bloggers

Are you interested in writing a post for my blog? Great! Please follow the guidelines below and send me an email with the post:

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers:

  1. Posts from guest bloggers need to be related to the fitness world. Some example can include race recaps, training tips, healthy habits, new exercise/training methods, etc.
  2. Posts must not exceed 600 words in length. Lets be honest, most people have short attention spans, so lets make sure your story captures their attention and isn’t too long.
  3. The blog’s admin (Muffy) has the right to revise or deny any entries that are not considered suitable for this blog.
  4. Share photos if you have them! Posts with photos are always attractive. Attach them in the email with your blog post if you have them!
  5. Even if you don’t have photos for the post, please provide a headshot and basic description about you! We want our readers to know how awesome you are as well. Headshots do not need to be professional, they can be fun! Just please make sure they’re appropriate.
  6. And most importantly, have fun writing your post!

Any questions, feel free to contact me by email or in the comments section.

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